About Us

Avdocs was started in 2016 after Paul Carey was invited by CASA to become a CASA Delegate to assist industry in System of Maintenance approvals. The aviation industry is ageing, and many CASA Delegates are opting for retirement, so Paul took the opportunity to gain approval from CASA.

Paul started his aviation career at Jandakot Airport in Western Australia as an apprentice to Western Airmotive. He quickly became an airframe and engine LAME, and worked extensively throughout Western Australia regional areas before settling back into Perth Airport in his first business PC Aviation - running a CAR30 Hangar for charter aircraft.

Paul quickly turned his hand to writing - both software and manuals, and became in demand in the charter industry for controlling maintenance. A major shift in the charter industry at Perth Airport forced his hand to close his CAR30 hangar, and open his first full time Maintenance Control business - Aero Management.

Aero Management pioneered the "remote maintenance control" concept in the charter, and regional piston engined RPT industry, and after gaining numerous Instruments from CASA gained a solid reputation in those activities over many years. A de-merger saw the business divide into two new entities - Avtrac WA Pty Ltd - specialising in charter aircraft, and Avtrac Pty Ltd - specialising in airline activities with the new Part 42 regulations.

Throughout all these activities Paul has written hundreds of manuals for clients that gained CASA approval. Avdocs was formed as a separate company to remain independant of all maintenance control activities, and to build a solid base of clients solely focussed on manual authoring, approval and management.