avdocs inherits a healthy list of aviation clients from the work of Paul Carey, after 20 years of authoring manuals for his clients.

Manuals serve two purposes: to gain approval from the regulatory authority, and as a documented live working policy and procedures manual for all staff in the business.

Once manuals are authored to suit each individual business and approved, they have to be amended regularly to suit changes in regulations and guidance material, and for changes in business activity or processes.

avdocs can quickly carry out amendments, based on our experience and wide range of clients.

Manuals Under Management

Note:- Clients have opted to have their manual suit "managed' - which includes authoring, approval, distribution and ongoing oversight.

  • Acena Nominees Pty Ltd
  • Aerolane Pty Ltd
  • Air Timor Pty Ltd
  • Broome Aviation Pty Ltd
  • Broome Air Maintenance Pty Ltd
  • Jetgo Australia Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Kakadu Air Services Pty Ltd
  • Polar Aviation Pty Ltd
  • Revesco Aviation Pty Ltd
  • Savanah Aviation Pty Ltd
  • West Coast Seaplanes Pty Ltd
  • Cessna 208 SOM.
  • Cessna 208 SOM.
  • Part 42 CAMO Exposition, Procedures Manual. C208 AMP, RM & MEL.
  • MCM, Cessna 404 SOM & MEL, Cessna 208 SOM & MEL, Cessna 310 SOM & MEL.
  • EPM
  • Part 42 CAMO Exposition, Procedures Manual. EMB145 AMP, RM & MEL.
  • Part 42 CAMO Exposition, Procedures Manual. C208 AMP, RM & MEL.
  • EPM, Cessna 208 SOM
  • MCM, Citation SOM & MEL, Gulfstream GIV SOM & MEL.
  • Beech 55 SOM, PA31-350 SOM
  • Cessna 208 SOM, MEL & Comp Wash.

Manuals Written

Note:- Manuals written or amended for clients who then manage their own in-house.

  • Aerocrop Pty Ltd
  • Airborne Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Argyle Charter Pty Ltd
  • Air South Pty Ltd
  • Avwest Pty Ltd
  • Bristow Helicopters Pty Ltd
  • Dramatic Pty Ltd
  • East Air Pty Ltd
  • Erceg Aviation Pty Ltd
  • Goldfields Air Services Pty Ltd
  • JM Kelly Pty Ltd
  • Maxem Aviation Pty Ltd
  • MCM, EPM, Beech B200 SOM
  • Pegasus Aviation Pty Ltd
  • EPM
  • MCM, AS350 MEL
  • MCM, PC12 SOM
  • MCM, Cessna 404 SOM & MEL
  • MCM, EPM, GIV SOM & RM, 604 SOM & MEL, C208 SOM & MEL, A109 SOM & MEL, EC130 SOM, Hawker 800 SOM
  • MCM
  • MCM, Lear 45 SOM & MEL
  • C208 AMP & RM, C402 AMP & RM
  • Mustang MEL
  • MCM, EPM, Beech B200 SOM
  • Citation SOM
  • MCM, Citation SOM & MEL
  • MCM, PC12 SOM